New Video! – Jungle Princess Adventure – Android game

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Jungle Princess Adventure: We already get used to see only boys in an adventurous journey against time and space but this time is about a Princess who experience her first adventure in the jungle. The story goes back when Jessica got chased by a bunch of assassins who already killed her parents and her little brother, unfortunately she lost her way back to the house and now she has to run and run all over the woods and its mysterious wildness.

Jessica was running in the jungle looking for her way out, suddenly she found a ornamented door in a giant tree and opened it, this is where the problems started to fall on the Princess’s path, there was so many fantastic and legendary creatures on this jungle, full of challenge and adventures.

The process of this game is quite easy and simple and anybody can play it, all you need to do is to avoid the attacks from the giant bees and creepy deers in order to make it to the end. Moreover, during the game you have to collect as many coins as you can to get a bonus…and remember if you got touched by the flams or dynamite thrown by the animals then you will be dead and start again. The Princess adventure is a game of everybody who loves competition and challenges because it contains many of them, in addition to the wonderful graphics of the game that gives it the perfect excitement to play it. In this game you may also find angry birds characters or some terrifying ghosts. The audacious Princess Jessica has to make to the castle where she might came across with playful monkeys who try to stop her using bananas but she won’t give up her goal and go back to her real world.

Features of the game:
★★★★★ Simple game navigation
★★★★★ Wonderful and catchy graphics
★★★★★ Works on all devices without any issues
★★★★★ Playable for everyone
★★★★★ Easy game control
★★★★★ Game is free
Also you can share the game by different ways (sharing on facebook,tweet on twitter and sending to your friend by whatsApp,email and SMS).

Let’s play Jungle Princess Adventure for FREE, don’t miss it and enjoy !

Download now!!


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